Government We pioneered online household goods move management services, while developing a high quality global supplier network.

For almost a decade we’ve expertly administered household goods programs as a GSA-approved Move Management Services (MMS) provider. In fact, our documented steps have proven so efficient and innovative we were a Q award co-recipient with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Since our beginning we’ve administered moving services, utilizing the world’s finest suppliers. Then we report the results online in real time. This attention to tracking and measuring performance is unrelenting. Here, every move detail is scrutinized. We constantly audit activities for policy compliance, then report every detail on our secure website, making results readily available and transparent to our customer. This level of attention to detail and service is unequaled, and is the reason why our customers receive zero-defect invoices with full-disclosure documentation!

Indeed, there’s more to moving than meets the eye. There’s knowledge gained through experience, from identifying best-in-class suppliers, to knowing how it should be done.

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